Welcome to Horse Confidence- Lessons and Training in Southwestern Colorado

Hello! My name is Rachel Cantor and my mission is to help riders and their horses gain confidence, trust, and skills.

I use natural horsemanship techniques on the ground and in the saddle to bring horses and their riders closer together. I have a background in dressage principals and I am a NARHA certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor who has spent time working with Equine Facilitated Mental Health Professionals. I do not believe in “leaving your emotions at the gate,” but in being congruent and having a healthy and honest relationship with your horse.

Safety is my number one priority. Having safe and fitting equipment, the correct diet for your horse, and enough skills in the rider’s toolbox are very important for success.


Want to find out more?

Whether you are a seasoned rider looking to brush up your technique or a backyard horse owner wanting to hit the trails safely, give me a call and I can help you out!  I have reasonable rates and I want what’s best for you and your animals. No hassles, no drama–enjoy your horse today!

Rachel’s Cell Phone: (970) 297-8845  (please leave a message if I don’t answer, I’ll get right back to you)

Rachel’s Email: clipclopclip@comcast.net